Dieter Moitzi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, French and Spanish. Born in Austria, he has been living in France since the age of 22. 

Dieter is working as a freelance graphic designer. In his career, he has held different jobs in the publishing and marketing industry: copy editor with several magazines, desktop-publisher, graphic designer and art director in various fields such as PR, commercial ads, institutional and business communication.

In his spare time, Dieter writes short stories and poems in English. Several of his poems have been published in the “Vine Leaves Literary Magazine”. Dieter has also published two short story collections as well as three poetry collections with amazon. He is currently working on his first novel. is a web site that offers format, design, proofreading, and editorial advice services for books meant to be published on Amazon and/or Smashwords. is based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

The web site is owned and run by Dieter Moitzi, freelance graphic designer, who is affiliated with the French “Maison des artistes”:

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1. GENERAL is a web site that offers format, design and editorial advice services for books meant to be published on Amazon and/or Smashwords. is not a legal entity, neither commercial nor non-commercial, but a web site meant to provide writers who plan to publish their books on Amazon and/or Smashwords with a complete range of graphic and editorial services in order to ensure that their books comply with the Kindle Publishing Guidelines and/or the Smashwords Guidelines.


2. SERVICES proposes to:

- format e-books according to the Kindle Publishing Guidelines and/or the Smashwords Guidelines and, additionally and on demand, provide books in printable pdf-format;
- design book covers in low and/or high resolution;
- proof-read, edit and rewrite books after explicit approval by the book’s author;
- promote books on the SPOTLIGHT-page of as well as on the Twitter-, Facebook- and Google+-pages of after explicit approval by the book’s author. does not:

- publish books;
- market, promote or advertise books (except for the SPOTLIGHT-page of as well as the Twitter-, Facebook- and Google+-pages of after explicit approval by the book’s author);
- write or ghost-write books;
- manage book rights or any other legal issue concerning books;
- sell books;
- or propose any service that is not explicitly mentioned in this section or on this site. accepts books in English, German and French. For books in any other language, please contact us by mail.

When solicited, provides a personalised quote as well as a pdf-file containing these Terms and Conditions. By ticking the respective check boxes on the quote and sending it back to, the writer accepts the proposed quote and these Terms and Conditions. To accept both is a necessary condition to subscribe to any of the services proposed by

The solicited service will be provided after approval of the quote and the Terms & Conditions sent by mail, with the only exception of an ebook-check (cf. our CHECK & REPAIR-page: the checking of an already formatted ebook is free). During the process of page layout, cover design and proof-reading, password-protected pdf-files will be sent for proof and validation. No publishable file can be sent without prior payment on the Paypal-account of


3. PRICES, QUOTES & BILLS, GUARANTEES is based in France. For legal reasons, quotes and bills are written in French and English, in Euros only. In some cases, the French VAT 7% will have to be added to the quoted price (this concerns only private clients from within the European Union).

For legal and administrative reasons, bills are invoiced by the site owner on his Paypal-account. The site owner will transfer the invoiced VAT to the French Treasury.

The prices stated on this site are mere indications. and the site owner cannot be held responsible if a quote varies from a price stated on this site. Only an accepted quote is legally binding. guarantees that it does not hold nor try to obtain the copyrights of any submitted texts. Any copyright will remain entirely with the author of those texts.



By subscribing to any of the services and by ticking the respective check boxes in the quote, the writer accepts these Terms and Conditions and declares that he/she holds the necessary legal rights for the texts and/or images that he/she provides. The writer accepts that neither nor the site owner can be held legally responsible for any trespassing of national and/or international copyright laws.

The writer declares that by accepting these Terms and Conditions, he/she accepts that no final file, be it a formatted ebook (a .mobi file), a book-cover (a high resolution .jpeg file), and/or a proofread, edited and rewritten book (a text file in the same file format as the one the writer has initially provided), will be provided before the payment of the corresponding bill has been recorded on the appropriate Paypal account.

After the writer has validated a book-cover and/or a book and has published it, he/she accepts that cannot be held legally responsible neither for its contents nor for any remaining errors and/or mistakes of whatever nature.


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