who we are

ebook-fix.com is a web site where you find a trustworthy partner, whether you need your book formatted, your book cover designed, or your author homepage created.

Based in France, the site is owned and run by Dieter Moitzi. Dieter was born in Austria and has been living in France since the age of 22.  For the last 25 years, he has been working as a graphic designer for the publishing and marketing industry: copy editor with several magazines, desktop-publisher, and art director in various fields such as PR, commercial ads, institutional and business communication. In his spare time, Dieter enjoys writing and translating. Several of his poems have been published in the “Vine Leaves Literary Magazine”. Dieter has also published two short story collections as well as three poetry collections. He is currently working on his first novel.

ebook-fix.com is hosted by 1and1.fr. The photos on this website have been purchased on adobestock. ebook-fix.com has been conceived by Dieter Moitzi and has been duly registered. The name, logo, graphic elements, and services of ebook-fix.com are entirely owned by Dieter Moitzi and are protected by the French and international copyright laws. No element of the site can be used without the site owner’s permission.